That's why we have created Cherub: 100% Mulberry silk curlers, designed with bleached and damaged hair in mind.

Healthy, effortless and long-lasting curls. Duh.


How does it work?

1. Divide your hair in two sections
2. Secure the Cherub to the side of your head onto dry hair. Wet ends with a brush slightly for a better hold.
3. Wrap small pieces of hair around the Cherub, collect more hair each time you wrap over
4. Secure with Cherub silk scrunchie
5. Wait until hair dries or for best results – sleep in them! Just tie the ends in a knot at the back so you can sleep on your side comfortably

Are they made with real silk and pearls?

Of course! Cherub silk is sustainably sourced 6A grade 22 momme mulberry silk. Our pearls are also real freshwater pearls.

How do I get looser waves?

Practices makes perfect! If you're wanting bigger voluminous waves, just wrap your Cherubs less tightly.

Are they comfortable to sleep in?

The Cherubs are super lightweight and a dream to sleep in! Just adjust their position in accordance to what side you sleep on.

If you sleep on your side, just wrap the Cherubs around closer to the back of your head and tie them at the back so they are out of the way!

What makes silk so great?

Mulberry silk contains amino acids that helps hair keep moisturised and glossy. Silk actually helps your hair retain it's moisture – unlike polyester satin or cotton which does the exact opposite.

Wrapping your hair around high quality Mulberry silk eliminates frizz and prevents breakage – big plus!

How quick is shipping?

We have free Australian wide shipping – if you live in the Sydney district it usually takes 2-3 days.